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Available on April 5th

Celebrate TOTS Outpost: Lucky Wheel to Get Maximum 5 Million Points

2022-04-24 03:57

The big moment for all UT players is on the way! Are you ready to get more points, open more packs and pocket your favorite card?

Don't miss the events in-game, as well as the fabulous discount & giveaway by!

During 08:00 Apr. 28 to 08:00 May 18, two events will be launched:

Event 1: Point Boost

10K point boost for every 100K points you buy. For example: Buy 100K to get 110K, buy 1,000K to get 1,100K, by parity of reasoning.

Event 2: Lucky Wheel

Each time you buy 100K point in one bill, you get one chance rolling the lucky wheel (buy 200K to get 2 chances, by parity of reasoning), then win 5K to 5M points bonus! Buy more to get more chances!

Buy more, get more, win more! You have no reason to miss the fest for every UT player. Join now!

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Davi: Very good price and fast support I will definitely recommend buying here.
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Bergman: It is particularly interesting to buy credits to buy good players and you are there precisely to allow me to have good players.
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UT 23 Points

Points - PS4 50K
Points - PS4 100K
Points - XBOX One 50K
Points - XBOX One 100K
Points - PC 100K
Points - PC 200K
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