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2022-11-24 01:08

The annual Thanksgiving Day and the following Black Friday are coming! How will you prepare your Thanksgiving dinner? It might be delicious and meaningful. Today must be a busy, crazy, but exciting day. Wish you good luck!

As an excellent opening pack website, and to thank you for all your support over this long time, we have our Thanksgiving & Black Friday sale party easily for you to join:

Get a chance to win 10K Extra Pack with Opening Packs

If you open the below packs during the activity time, you will have a chance to win a 10k extra pack.
10K free pack is in limited quantities, 50 for every day per console.

For Packs: OutOfPosition, TOTW 6, Rulebreakers, RTTK

Activity Time: 08:00 Nov.24 - 08:00 Nov.26, UK
Available Console: PS4/PS5, Xbox One / X|S, PC

Hope you enjoy this promotion!

Leo : It is a very reliable website highly recommend using.
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Christian: Great Experience! Fast and cheap service. Overall 10/10 Great support as well.
The customer has bought: UT 23 Points

Michael: I was skeptical at first when I bought points but once I got the email saying everything was done I saw my points in my account, and 100% would recommend it.
The customer has bought: UT 23 Points

Davi: Very good price and fast support I will definitely recommend buying here.
The customer has bought: UT 23 Points

Bergman: It is particularly interesting to buy credits to buy good players and you are there precisely to allow me to have good players.
The customer has bought: UT 23 Points

UT 23 Points

Points - PS4 50K
Points - PS4 100K
Points - XBOX One 50K
Points - XBOX One 100K
Points - PC 100K
Points - PC 200K
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