Bonus Coins

Available on April 5th

How to Buy FUT Coins, Players, and Open Packs on UTPACKS.COM

Please retain adequate points in your member account balance before opening packs.

1. Please log in to your UTPACKS account, then click "UT Packs".

2. When you first start the pack, you'll be required to enter your Origin account email address. It's required, otherwise the players you pack will be automatically sold to the system.

3. Please submit your origin account email, then you can start your packs opening journey.

4. Choose your platform and select the type of pack you wish to open using the filter, then click "Open Packs Now" to open it.

5. There are many player cards in the pack, and you have a chance to pack one of them.
Click "Open My Pack," it will cost you corresponding coins, if you agree, click "Open Now", and you will see the pack's winnings.

6. Every player card has its own value in coins according to the real market.
If you want those coins in your account balance, click "Sell", then remove the player you don't want to sell from the list, or sell all of them, then submit your selection, and coins will be added to your account;
If you want to add the players to your FUT account, proceed by clicking "Get Player".
If you want to open the next pack, click "Next Pack" to open a new pack.

Delivery: 0-12H/100K

Security: ★★★★★

Inform: Email.

A. Leave 5000 coins at least in your FUT account.
B. Don't login your account during delivery.

1. Please log in to your UTPACKS account before placing an order, choose "Utpacks Points" and click your console.

2. Enter or select the coins amount you want to buy, then click "BUY NOW".

3. Choose the payment method and proceed to CHECKOUT. Please go to your Member Center after you paid successfully.

4. Select "Get Coins" at the top right of the page and click your coins balance.

5. Click "Go" to exchange points for FUT coins and transfer the coins.

6. Put your correct Origin Account information into the blank and click "Submit". It will take a few minutes to verify your account, please wait patiently.

7. You can check your "Delivery History" to know the coins transfer processing.

Players that you win from packs or exchange at the store will be added to your Member Center - Inventory automatically. You can sell or transfer them there. For more details, read the tutorial below.

1. Click "My Players" at the top right of the page, choose your platform, and then you can see the player cards you owned.

2. Or turn to "Inventory" directly by clicking "Get Player" when a pack has been opened.

3. Select the player card you want, then click "Get Player". Click the button "Batch operation" if you want to get more than one player card at once.

4. Fill in your Origin account with the correct information and submit. We'll transfer the player card(s) for you as soon as possible.

5. You can check your "Player Withdraw Hisotry" to know the player(s) transfer processing.

Please retain adequate points in your member account balance before opening packs.

1. Please login to your UTPACKS account, then click "Luckiest Packs".

2. You also need to fill in your Origin account email first, otherwise the players will be automatically sold to the system.

3. After submitting your Origin account email, you can start to open packs.

4. Select your platform first, and use the filter to choose the kind of pack you want to open, then click "Open Packs Now" to open it.

5. Click "Open My Luckiest," and it will charge you the value of the corresponding coins as your first card clicking cost, which will be deducted from your account balance.

6. There are several covered player cards, you can click any of the cards to get your winnings.
a. After you click the first card, the point cost will gradually increase for subsequent clicks. You can stop clicking whenever you want.
b. By clicking the "Get Player" button, you can transfer players to your FUT account. By clicking the "Sell" button, you can sell them to the system for the current real-time price.

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